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Join The Circus Camp

Step right up, Little Ladies and Gents! Join the circus for a colorful, adventurous, good time in this tumbling camp. We will enjoy being brave acrobats, silly clowns, daring tight-rope walkers, muscle-bound strong people, and performing animal friends during this fun preschool camp. We will roll, gallop, balance, and practice more tumbling skills down the mats with our friends. We will play circus-themed games and make a take-home craft each day. Bring a snack from home each day. Wear clothes that are easy to move, bend, and stretch in. Mark your calendar for a special Big Top Bonanza Circus Show for parents at the end of the camp week. 


August 10-13


  • 9:00AM-12:00PM
  • Ages 3-6
  • Cost: $195
  • Bring your own snack
  • Dress Code: Comfortable clothes that are easy to move and stretch in. No denim.

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Registration Policy


  • Registration is not complete until the balance is paid in full before camp begins
  • No refunds: After June 1
  • Age Cut-off: June 1, 2020

Contact Person: Jim Horesco, or 678.298.6325

Cancellation policy. According to Sports & Rec policy, you must pay in full all past due balances or your current and/or future registration will be canceled. Your payment must be received, not postmarked, before the current due date to avoid cancellation of classes and/or leagues. .


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